asurion Asurion Japan K.K.


Our Business

Asurion Japan K.K. is providing
mobile communication device
protection services
and mobile phone
aftercare services.
We are also
operating call centers
and logistic centers
to support them.

Asurion services

We provide quick solutions to every problem
regarding mobile devices, smartphones, and PCs.

Mobile protection

We provide comprehensive protection support for your smartphones and tablets etc. when they get broken, water-damaged, physically damaged, or lost etc.
When your devices are in trouble, replacement phone will be delivered on the same day of filing claims or within 2 days after filing claims. You can have your phone repaired with quite reasonable service fee. You can file your claims on web sites, at shops, or by phone calls.

Remote support

Asurion experts can help you learning how to enjoy your smartphones by phone or chat. We can support not only how to use/set-up your smartphones but also something more, such as how to use your apps and connect your smartphones to your PCs etc.
Our experts can help you while observing the real-time image of your device display. They can even operate your devices remotely. You can go to subscribers’ membership-only website for FAQ.

Technical support

Our special experts can help you onboarding your phones, connecting to the network, performing basic processes, discovering tips & tricks, and solving problems of your online devices (PC, peripheral equipment, TV, router, etc.) Those helps are provided remotely by the experts while observing the real-time image of your PC monitors.
We go beyond phone call support. We can also help you by providing repair, visiting on-site, performing data recovery, buying your old devices, and giving you an access to online PC learning courses. You can reach out our experts by phone or chat.